We coach community-centric individuals and teams to rise to their best – and then inspire them to do the same for the communities they serve. We work within the education, government and non-profit sectors to maximize grassroots impact. Founder Amy Brady is passionate about seeing and hearing the heart of those who serve and are served. We like to think of it as humanity rising, one person at a time.


Because the best way to insure a positive future is to positively impact our youth.


Because when leaders operate at their best, so do their staff.  All ships rise in a rising tide.


Because the goal is positive impact.  And we want your organization to make the greatest impact possible.


Because deepening our understanding of our communities deepens our understanding of ourselves.  And when we better understand ourselves, we can do our best work.

“Amy is one of the most dynamic people I have had the privilege to work with. She has an uncanny ability to captivate and connect with every audience no matter their level of experience. I invite her back at every opportunity because I can see the positive change her sessions make with individual Boys & Girls Club professionals and the organizations themselves. It is challenging to find a presenter who truly ‘gets’ the nature of positive youth development and relational work. Amy Brady is one of the few.”

Jessica Neuwirth

Program Director
Boys and Girls Clubs of Colorado

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