Inspiring Communities

Because deepening our understanding of our communities deepens our understanding of ourselves. And when we better understand ourselves, we can do our best work.

Program offerings:

  • Straight talk about difference
  • Telling our stories
  • Examining stereotypes
  • The culture of poverty
  • Things people say
  • This thing called privilege
  • Movies, music and making connections
  • Talking to children about difference

Please see for program descriptions.

Film Screening: I’m Not Racist… Am I?

The 90-minute film screening of I’m Not Racist… Am I will be followed by small group discussions. Participants will be asked to reflect on their own views on racism and how racism plays a role in their lives.


Parent Engagement

Part of working with youth is working with parents and guardians.  Sometimes this is a joy, and sometimes it can feel like a daunting task.  During this session we will examine the parental mindset, gaining a greater understanding for parent motivation and developing a new understanding for what parents want and need from the other adults in their children’s lives.  Through scenarios and stories, participants will learn several strategies for parental connection and engagement, leaving this session empowered to positively work with ALL parents.

How to be a SUPER HERO: a workshop for volunteers working in communities different than their own

Frequently volunteers serve in a community that is vastly different than their own, often entering their role with good, but misguided intentions. In this program, volunteers will learn how to enter their role from a strengths-based perspective, exploring how their own biases may interfere with their ability to make a difference. They will learn that the true super heroes aren’t trying to save the world, but show up as guests in a community, looking to learn and serve where requested.