Inspiring Leaders

Because when leaders operate at their best, so do their staff. All ships rise in a rising tide.

Leaders on the Rise

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Coaching Skills for Supervisors

Coaching is a methodology used to inspire and empower. In this session, participants will learn to work with their staff and volunteers as a coach. Participants will learn and practice several coaching skills that can be put into use immediately to improve communication and relationships. Skills may include intuitive listening, questioning, acknowledging validating and more.

Self Care: Strategies for Avoiding Burnout

Session 1:
What is self-care and why is it important? Includes self-care assessment, why it’s important in your youth-serving role and the result of ignoring self-care.

Session 2:
Setting Boundaries: the KEY to Sustainable Service. Includes defining boundaries, determining how you know when your boundaries have been crossed and what gets in your way of setting boundaries.

Session 3:
Strategies for SLOWING DOWN in a BUSY world. Includes taking control of time and pausing with purpose.

Training from the Heart

During this session we will pass on strategies for leading effective training sessions. We will dive into what you want your audience to KNOW, DO and FEEL during and after the session, focusing on the value of interpersonal connection. Our belief is that when your audience feels connected from the heart, the training experience will be a success.

Individual Coaching

A coach serves as a bridge between where someone is and where they’d like to be. Individual coaching is a great opportunity to push through blocks to success. The agenda and topics for coaching are determined by the client.