Inspiring Youth:

Because the best way to insure a positive future is to positively impact our youth.

Everyday Mentoring: Maximize your impact with youth

Many adults come in contact with youth on a regular basis. Everyday mentoring provides an excellent opportunity to make every interaction count. This program will provide a framework for forming a successful and beneficial relationship with young people in order to powerfully and positively shape their future.

Coaching Skills for Mentors

Coaching is a methodology used to inspire and empower. In this session, participants will learn to work with their staff and volunteers as a coach. Participants will learn and practice several coaching skills that can be put into use immediately to improve communication and relationships. Skills may include intuitive listening, questioning, acknowledging, validating and more.

Developmental Relationships

Effective pre-match mentor trainings are a vital component to any successful mentoring program. This training will provide prospective mentors with the basic knowledge and framework to form successful and beneficial mentoring relationships that powerfully and positively shape their mentees’ futures.