Inspiring Organizations

Because the goal is positive impact. And we want your organization to make the greatest impact possible.

Organizations on the Rise

In this powerful workshop for organizations, we examine how a strong organizational culture starts at the individual level. Using a powerful self-awareness framework, participants will learn how to bring their best selves to every interaction in their workplace, such that they positively impact the organization, an inevitably the community they serve.

Learn more about the RISE framework HERE.

Staff or Board RETREAT: Your personal mission

Why have you chosen to work with your organization?  What is the story behind that decision? How is your participation with the organization an expression of WHO YOU ARE?  In this session we will complete several exercises and participate in discussions designed to have participants clearly state their personal mission in their work.  We will dig into values, tell our stories, and consider what legacy we want to leave behind.  Participants will walk away with a greater sense of self and how to use their personal mission as a guide in their work role.

Staff or Board RETREAT: The seven levels of leadership

Consciously choosing who we are BEING is directly related to the impact we make in all of our roles of DOING.  In this session, participants will be introduced to the seven levels of leadership. They will name their strengths, see opportunities for growth and create their version or the IDEAL LEADER in their role.  We will then walk through several scenarios designed to have participants clearly see the impact of showing up POWERFULLY.

Meeting Facilitation and Mediation

StandUP facilitates meeting and crucial conversations in a manner that honors the voice of all involved. The goal of facilitation and mediation is positive, sustainable action.

Individual Coaching

A coach serves as a bridge between where someone is and where they’d like to be. Individual coaching is a great opportunity to support staff in operating at their best. The coaching agenda is determined by the client.   The organization operates as the sponsor for the client. The coach/client relationship remains confidential.