Inspiring Youth:

Because the best way to insure a positive future is to positively impact our youth.

Parents on the Rise

In this powerful workshop for parents, we examine how positive parenting starts from within.  We will begin by exploring who you want to be as a parent and what you most want for your children.  Then, using a powerful self-awareness framework, participants will learn how to make the most of every situation they have with their children.

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Learn more about the RISE framework HERE.

Coaching Skills for Parents

Coaching is a methodology used to inspire and empower. In this session, parents and guardians will learn to work with their children as a coach. Participants will learn and practice several coaching skills that can be put into use immediately to improve communication and relationship with their children. Skills may include intuitive listening, questioning, acknowledging, validating and more.

Intentional Parenting: Applying the wisdom of Positive Youth Development

In this session we will dive into several of the PYD practices, develop an understanding as to their impact on youth, and learn strategies for bringing these practices into every day parenting.