We believe that strong individuals, strong leaders, strong teams, strong organizations and strong communities start from within. 

When we are wholeheartedly aware, the effect is a resounding ripple for our teams, families, organizations and communities.


WHAT IF… you could positively impact the course of any conversation… personal, professional, in a group, with a child, or an entire community… by simply remembering to count to seven? Would it change the way you lead?

RISE is a remarkably accessible self-awareness framework that empowers us all to shift how we relate to ourselves and others. StandUP’s RISE workshops use a heart-led, seven-level approach*, to expertly guide impactful conversations. Together we lean in and ask the big questions. How can we bring our best self to every interaction? Who am I being right now?  What does it mean to consciously choose and how does this impact those around me?

Benefits of RISE workshops

• Inspiring yourself and others toward positive action
• Uncovering what’s underneath your personal stories
• Discover what matters most to you – who do you want to be in the world?
• Break through obstacles to success
• Learn to shift thoughts and emotions for immediate impact
• Access new ways of being that lead to inspiring interactions
• Find great fulfillment in all areas of life
• Learn to lead from within

It all starts with one person, in one moment, with one shift.

RISE Workshops are available for

*Based on Energy Leadership developed by Bruce D. Schneider and iPEC Coaching.

“For me, mindfulness was such an abstract concept that only “enlightened” people achieved, until I attended Leaders on the Rise. Through practical applications, I understand the ripple effect of thoughts and how it influences my behavior, emotions, and how I lead. Now I realize the power that I possess to change those thoughts so that I can be a positive and inspiring leader.”

Chava Fox

Project Director
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