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Amy Brady


“Above all else, I believe in building strong connections. Whether in my work or in my personal life, the greatest fulfillment I experience is through open, vulnerable and honest relationships.  I spend my days falling in love with people; I can think of no better way to live my life.”

About Amy

A Denver native, Amy has been working within her community for over 20 years.  She is a Professional Certified Coach, and experienced trainer and facilitator, a licensed teacher, and a certified youth-program assessor.  Amy is also certified as an Energy Leadership Master Practitioner and COR.E Leadership Dynamics Specialist, enabling her to administer the ELI attitudinal assessment and provide subsequent coaching and training toward individual empowerment and organizational culture change.

Following 11 years in the classroom, Amy worked with Colorado State University Extension, developing youth programs in Denver’s inner-city neighborhoods. Through this latter experience, she became passionate about knowing and impacting her greater community.  During her time with CSU, Amy was the recipient of two national awards: The NAE4HA Diversity Award and the NAE4HA Excellence in Urban Programming Award. She also received the CSU Extension Distinguished Service Award for superior work with diverse clientele.

She has taught middle and high school science and math, worked with parents of teens, delved into the world of cultural and socioeconomic diversity, and trained hundreds of members of the Denver community on topics ranging from youth engagement, to understanding poverty, to effective leadership, to urban volunteerism.

In 2013 Amy founded StandUP, realizing her long time dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

Amy approaches every project with passion. Dedicated to impacting her community, she puts her heart into her work.  At the core of this conviction is her love for people, her devotion to living authentically, and a commitment to creating a thriving future.

Amy is happily married and has three lively children. What she loves more than anything is enjoying the sunshine on the front porch with her neighbors and laughing often and heartily with family and friends.


Professional Certified Coach, International Coach Federation
Certified Professional Coach, Institute for the Professional Excellence in Coaching
Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, Institute for the Professional Excellence in Coaching
COR.E Leadership Dynamics Practitioner, Institute for the Professional Excellence in Coaching

Robert Franklin

Co-Facilitator, Breakin’ it Down: Straight Talk About Difference

“I am most inspired by those who do not believe in limitations, the impossible, or the word “can’t”.  I am inspired by those who refuse to give into the temptation to settle for what is given, normal or regular.”

Why StandUP

I stand with StandUP because I believe the way to create change is to create relationships that matter, through conversation, education and opportunity.  StandUP offers me the opportunity to work with organizations and individuals ready to create change within themselves, and by doing so, change the world.

About Robert

Driven to provide new and inclusive opportunities for young people, Robert has spent 15 years impacting youth in the Denver Metro area, first with Denver Parks and Recreation and currently with Colorado State University Extension in Denver.  Through these experiences, Robert has had the opportunity to manage multilevel budgets, research, write and manage grants, and to connect with community and youth developers across the nation.

Robert is also the creator of several diversity-related trainings, having worked with hundreds of youth and adults on diversity awareness and cultural sensitivity.  He is passionate about diving into crucial conversations that educate our community about difference.  Robert is the recipient of several awards for his work with diverse clientele including the CSU Extension award for excellence in diversity promotion.

Robert holds a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Colorado Denver and a certification in non-profit management.  Married with two children, Robert spends his free time as a DJ for kids’ parties and traveling whenever possible.


Audrey Love Siegfried

Training and Facilitation
(Youth Development and Mentoring)

“My mission is to serve as a catalyst for collaborative, sustainable capacity building.  I am committed to helping others develop powerful relationships to maximize their impact.”

Why StandUP

I work with StandUP because I believe deeply in the mission and underlying belief that relationships and our connection to others is the foundation for growth and success.  I feel blessed to be part of such a dynamic team supporting organizations across Colorado that are truly making a difference in their communities.

About Audrey

Audrey passionately supports mentoring and youth development as a consultant and trainer specializing in human capital, capacity building, and project management. Formerly the training manager with Mentor Colorado, Audrey led statewide quality mentoring initiatives for over 60 mentoring agencies. Prior to moving to Colorado in August 2014, Audrey worked for twelve years with volunteers, youth, and families in Washington DC as a classroom teacher and in various capacities of nonprofit management and youth development with low-income, high-risk youth. Additionally, Audrey served as a founding member and advisor for the DC Mentoring Collaborative from 2010-2014.

Audrey has trained people from across the country including presentations at the National Mentoring Summits 2013-16, iMentor Partnership Conference 2014, Colorado Conference on Volunteerism 2015, and Colorado Mentoring Summit 2015-16. She has served on numerous national committees for youth mentoring, including her current role as a facilitator for the National Collaborative Mentoring Webinar Series. Audrey has been an active mentor for four years through a college success program and serves on Metro Denver Partners’ Marketing Committee. Audrey holds a BA in English and minor in American Studies from the George Washington University and is currently pursuing her Masters in Business Administration from the University of Colorado Denver.


Certified SAFE Trainer

Rosalie Chamberlain

Coaching, Facilitation

“I am passionate about helping individuals and organizations to be their best, to define their goals and create positive impact.”

Why StandUP

I am delighted to be a part of the StandUP team. When I met Amy and saw the amazing work StandUP does, I immediately wanted to be a part of it. Our ability to collaborate, utilize and support the talents and skills of others and ourselves comes from the effectiveness of the relationships we build. The StandUP programs build awareness and provide tools for performance excellence such that every individual contributes to the whole.

About Rosalie

With a background as the diversity and inclusion manager of a national law firm, Rosalie has unique experience and perspective with respect to understanding and navigating organizational culture. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Rosalie began consulting and leadership coaching upon relocating to Denver in 2010. She is a frequent speaker and facilitator on leadership and organizational inclusion. Her book, Conscious Leadership in the Workplace: A Guidebook to Making a Difference One Person at a Time was published in 2016.

Rosalie is certified in The Leadership Circle Profile 360, Myers Brigs, Taylor Protocols Core Values Index, iPEC Energy Leadership Index Assessment, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Rosalie is happily married with two wonderful grown sons and daughters-in-law. She loves her life in Colorado where she is an avid skier, bicyclist and hiker. She also enjoys music, attending the theater, reading and writing.



Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federation
Certified Professional Coach, Institute for the Professional Excellence in Coaching
Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, Institute for the Professional Excellence in Coaching
COR.E Leadership Dynamics Practitioner, Institute for the Professional Excellence in Coaching
Diversity Professional Advanced Practitioner (CCDP/AP), Cornell University
Diversity Leadership Academy, American Institute for Managing Diversity
COR.E Leadership Dynamics Practitioner, Institute for the Professional Excellence in Coaching

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