Just like no individual, team, or organization is the same, neither are the experiences we provide. We design every experience with you in mind. We meet you where you are and grow from there.

The best way to insure a positive future is to positively impact our youth.

Sample Programs

“Amy is one of the most dynamic people I have had the privilege to work with. She has an uncanny ability to captivate and connect with every audience no matter their level of experience. I invite her back at every opportunity because I can see the positive change her sessions make with individual Boys & Girls Club professionals and the organizations themselves. It is challenging to find a presenter who truly ‘gets’ the nature of positive youth development and relational work. Amy Brady is one of the few.”

Jessica Neuwirth
Program Director
Boys and Girls Clubs of Colorado

When leaders operate at their best, so do their staff. All ships rise in a rising tide.

Sample Programs

“I would definitely recommend StandUP’s leadership programs to any individual facing either personal or professional hurdles, or to an individual who seeks to transition to the next level of success in her career.  StandUP’s focus on self-awareness and personal growth truly awakened and reinvigorated me and, most importantly, the experience motivated me to rise to a number of very tough challenges.”

Karlyn K. Shorb, MA, JD
Chief Executive Officer
Aurora Sister Cities International

We want your organization to make the greatest impact possible.

Sample Programs

“As the new CEO, staff did not feel comfortable communicating openly with me. It wasn’t the culture they were used to. Additionally, there was mistrust amongst the team. I brought in StandUP to work with our executive leadership team. After working with StandUP, staff were more open to discussion, brought issues to my attention and began to have more transparent conversations with each other. Amy had an ability to connect with the team and to help them translate learnings/skills to all relationships. She has the ability to push folks out of their comfort zone. Working with StandUP has been an invaluable experience.”

Sue Glass
Chief Executive Office
YMCA of Metro Denver

Deepening our understanding of communities deepens the understanding of ourselves.

Sample Programs

“Lana is always the first person who comes to mind when I want to host or recommend a workshop on diversity, equity and inclusion.  Lana has a compassionate, direct, and yet gentle way of challenging participants.  She has a gift for impactful storytelling, engaging participants in a meaningful way.  I am always confident that Lana will show up fully present and ready to engage in meaningful work that leads to change and impact.”

Miranda Cook
SEAL Initiative Manager
Denver Afterschool Alliance

Signature Programs
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Because when leaders operate at their best, so do their staff. All ships rise in a rising tide.

This breakthrough experience will change the way you see yourself, engage with others, and transform the way you lead.

In a heart-led, 7-Level* approach, we expertly guide conversations as we lean in to ask big questions.

This is a powerful, small group series for leaders who are ready to challenge themselves, and champion others through a unique process of self awareness. The RISE workshop uses a remarkably accessible self-awareness framework that empowers us all to shift how we relate to ourselves and others, transforming the way we impact our communities.

• Learn how to lead from within
• Become powerfully self-aware
• Break through obstacles to success
• Shift your thoughts and emotions 
• Inspire positive, sustainable action
• Engage with like-minded peers
• Discover greater fulfillment

LOR Fall Series

September 28
October 5, 12, 19, 26
November 2, 9, 16

LOR Fall Intensive

November 29, 30
December 1

Scholarships available for the Fall Workshops. Inquire to see if you or your group qualify.

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A fresh approach to Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

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We invite you to rethink everything you know about empowering young people.

The Flourish Lab offers practical, easy-to-use approaches for youth-serving adults looking to inspire positive behavior in children while supporting their social and emotional growth. 

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“We worked with Amy to support the partnership between Denver Parks and Recreation and another
organization. We were experiencing a lot of frustration, lack of trust and poor communication. StandUP
does not sugar coat challenges and makes you deal with them head on. Through our work with StandUP,
trust and communication between the organizations greatly improved. We came up with an effective
communications plan, expectations were clarified, and we created shared values. StandUP helped us build
positive relationships. When team members are struggling or there is conflict, we are more prepared to
work through the issues together.”

Jeneanne Ford
Senior Supervisor | Denver Parks and Recreation

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