We all make an impact. Whether positive or negative, it’s a choice, and we have a passion for choice.

We empower individuals, teams and communities to rise to their best – and then inspire them to do the same for others. We believe that when people are given the tools to powerfully connect, they more effectively impact their peers, organizations and communities. Like a ripple on water, the effect is exponential.

From Grassroots to Boardrooms

StandUP gets to the heart of what we all crave: to be seen and heard. Using a unique relationship-building approach, StandUP works across sectors and age groups to provide impactful community-centered coaching and training. StandUP techniques and tools are practical, highly effective and accessible to everyone.

Our Approach

We believe that relationships are everything.

If you’ve ever taken a Psychology 101 course, you probably remember the work of Abraham Maslow. Simply put, Maslow believed that second only to the needs of food, water and security is the human need of relationships (belonging and love). And, without relationships, it is difficult to focus on accomplishment and achieving potential.

All of our programs are relationship-focused. We strive to positively connect with everyone we work with. We want to know you from the inside. It’s what lights us up at the end of the day.

We believe in empowerment.

Coaching is a professional relationship that empowers people to produce results that will positively impact their lives, teams, organizations and communities. A coach partners with their client to bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

Coaching matters. A 2014 Global Coaching Client Study conducted on behalf of the International Coach Federation found that of those individuals who had received coaching.

  • 80% saw improved self-confidence

  • 73% saw improved relationships

  • 72% saw improved communication skills

We believe in infinite human potential.

All our workshops will invite participants to develop their self-awareness and then to take intentional action toward becoming the best version of themselves.

Even (and especially) when it’s uncomfortable, new or challenging. Because we believe that when we start with becoming wholeheartedly aware, the effect is a resounding ripple for our teams, families, organizations and communities.

We believe that strong individuals, strong leaders, strong teams, strong organizations and strong communities start from within. From this vantage point, the possibilities for growth, change and impact are limitless.

We believe in seeing equity everywhere.

Unlike conventional diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) approaches, StandUP focuses on the importance of belonging and emotional intelligence in moving toward anti-racism. In other words, there are two sides to shift, the doing and the being. Most people focus on the DOING – or what is actionable and outward facing. We believe that real, sustainable growth and evolution in this work starts with BEING. By focusing on who we are, owning our biases, and accepting that racism exists, we can provide a safe space for people to challenge themselves and their perspectives on diversity, equity, inclusion and even anti-racism. There is a difference between transactional coaching which is the DOING and transformational coaching. As transformational coaches, our approach is grounded in relationship building, self-awareness and self-management – in other words, the BEING.

In order to realize our vision of a world where all people and communities thrive, we know that diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism have a place in all we do. While we believe that equity is everywhere, if only you adjust your lens, we also recognize that not all people share the same lenses. This is why we actively integrate an equity perspective into every workshop and coaching conversation.

StandUP is unique because it offers a lovely mix of big ideas and tangible tools. Learning feels both accessible and practical, yet the experience is still personal and emotionally impactful.


Maya McDowell
Program Manager
Heart & Hand Center for Youth and Their Families

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